FaRo books we shared in August

Hello, fantasy romance fans!

Did you miss our August newsletter with the 10 FaRo books you should be reading in August? Don’t worry, this recap blog is here to make sure you don’t miss any new favourites in the genre!

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The Ascendant by Hannah E. Carey
  • Category: Epic, swords and sorcery (other world)
  • Heat Level: Sweet/Clean
  • Age: New Adult (NA)
  • Tropes: Friends to lovers, second chance romance

New adult fantasy romance with mythical creatures and otherworldly elements. Features multiple strong heroines, warrior women, creatures with dark powers and a friends to lovers second chance romance.

Series: Book 2 in the Legacy Duology, part of the larger Tales of Pern Coen Series

The Ring of Souls by Vee R. Paxton
  • Category: Portal fantasy (travel between our world and other world)
  • Heat Level: Hot hot hot
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Reunited lovers, arranged marriage, forgotten time

Marjorie Michel is a fiercely independent woman with little desire to be tied down to anyone. She sets forth on a journey that takes her from her home in New York to the magical realm of Vernaria.
There she comes face to face with the handsome heir of Ealach Manor to discover a life she left behind and a land full of magical wonder and dangers.

Series: Book 1 in Voices of Vernaria series

✓ Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE: Silk by Lisette Marshall
  • Category: Epic low magic (other world), swords and sorcery
  • Heat Level: Hot hot hot
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Forbidden love, political intrigue

Adult fantasy romance set a fantasy world with a medieval feel. Featuring a princess with a knack for solving mysteries, a spy desperate to protect her, a forbidden love and dangerous political intrigue.

Series: 3rd and final book in The Princess & The Spy

✓ Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE: Blood Magic by Jessica Wayne
  • Category: Low fantasy paranormal
  • Heat Level: Hot hot hot
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Friends to lovers, forbidden romance, dark romance

One day the fires of hell will consume me. Such is the price you pay when you barter with your soul…

Series: Book 7 in the bestselling Vampire Huntress Chronicles (book 1 in the Shadow Witch trilogy set in the world)

✓ Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE: Requiem of Silence by L. Penelope
  • Category: Epic, swords and sorcery
  • Heat Level: Sweet/Clean (other books in the series are smoldering)
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Opposites attract

Epic fantasy romance in an alternate 1920s world. The conclusion of the series.

Series: Book 4 in the Earthsinger Chronicles

✓ Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE: Awakening the Gods by Kristin Gleeson
  • Category: Low fantasy urban
  • Heat Level: Smoldering
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Second chance romance

Urban fantasy set in Ireland with Celtic Gods and a hero and heroine who are reluctant to take on roles as Gods. A second chance romance from the ancient past.

Series: Book 1 of Rise of the Celtic Gods

NEW RELEASE: Devil’s Temptation by Trish Heinrich
  • Category: Low fantasy paranormal
  • Heat Level: Scorching
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Angels falling in love with humans, wounded hero, secret identity.

Paranormal romance in a contemporary world. A family of Angel-Human hybrids that have angelic powers and have secret identities. Features scrappy heroine, wounded hero, and an HEA.

Series: Book 1 in the Celestial Superheroes series
Book 2 coming September 21st
Book 3 coming in October 2021
Book 4 coming January 2022

NEW RELEASE: Leviathan’s Song by Elsie Winters
  • Category: Low fantasy urban (our world), portal fantasy (travel to another world)
  • Heat Level: Smoldering
  • Age: Adult
  • Tropes: Afraid to commit, boy meets girl, classes clash, different worlds, (eventual) marriage of convenience, slow burn, only one bed, rich woman/poor man, rockstar hero, wrong side of the tracks

Energy based magic system with a strong genetic component, lots of paranormal and fantasy creatures. Heroine is a golemancer and artificer with elvish bloodlines who comes from an old-money family. Hero is a half-merman siren with enchanted speech who grew up poor with an alcoholic single dad. Further books will feature new couples (friends of the MCs) with a complete story and an HEA in each book.

Series: Book 1 in a series of standalones called The Boundlands Series

✓ Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE: King of Faerie by A.J. Lancaster
  • Category: Epic Gaslamp / Steampunk
  • Heat Level: Smoldering
  • Age: Adult

Fantasy of manners / gaslamp fantasy in a secondary world. Features fae, a sentient magical estate bonded to its ruler, and lots of interfering relatives.

Series: Book 4 of the Stariel Quartet; the final book in a now-completed series.

✓ Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE: Tales of Earth and Leaves by Xandra Noel
  • Category: Epic paranormal
  • Heat Level: Hot hot hot
  • Age: New Adult
  • Tropes: Friends to lovers, instalove

NA fantasy romance, set in a forest of wonder. The main protagonist travels to the protected forest to investigate the death of her brother, but instead she is caught in a fae hate triangle. Paranormal elements with simple magic system and a major cliffhanger

Series: Book 1 in Tales of Earth and Leaves series

✓ Kindle Unlimited

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